Launches! – 24/7 Live Game Deals Broadcasted on Deal Tracker Launches! - 24/7 Live Game Deals Broadcasted on Deal Tracker has officially launched. The evolution of the concept.

Live Game Deals is geared toward collectors, hobbyists, and casuals alike looking for the best Video Game Deals around.

Utilizing a live deal tracker, the new Live Game Deals project broadcasts the latest Video Game Deals 24/7 from such retailers as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Target, FYE, Newegg and much more!

Live Game Deals features a price comparison engine, price guides, a digital marketplace, forums, the ability for users to submit their own video game deals, industry database, industry stock charts and more. They key here is to analyze the industry from all aspects. You have resale value forecasting for both collectors and resellers alike to keep track of future releases. A way to see how much revenue each industry member brings their respective company in the industry database.

Of course, more than anything Live Game Deals is about bringing you the latest and best deals, especially collector’s deals. We’re all about quality at Live Game Deals and the goal is to track meaningful deals not just what’s ever on sale. It’s about having the quality game deals or collector deals available right in front of you rather than sifting through hundreds of potentially low-appealing links. Only the strongest and best deals make it to the front page of the Live Game Deals deal tracker. Blu-ray and digital film fans alike are not left out with the Live Blu-ray Deal tracker making sure you’re kept up to date on all your film/TV show needs.

Our goal is to be the ultimate one stop shop for all your eCommerce purchases and research so you never feel left out in the cold during the important holiday seasons. We have price history charts available to make sure you’re always getting the lowest deal possible on your item of choice. Each day the Live Game Deals website posts its own analysis of the state of the market.

Most of the time it’s a customer’s/buyers market, essentially the consumer rules and decides what the price will be. Every once in a while though a rare collectors item comes into play that the customer has to be ready for. That’s where Live Game Deals market analysis can help guide you along to only spend extra when it matters because the only other choice will be resellers. Likewise, when to hold out and keep waiting for the price to drip.

Visit now and begin a lifetime stay!


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