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Video Game Jobs, December 10, 2015

The following video game jobs were posted on December 10th on their respective company websites. Employers include Nintendo, EA, PlayStation, and Atlus!

The one lone exception being Atlus USA careers. Atlus USA jobs are also exclusive to the Irvine, California area as they request local applicants only. Good luck on your job hunt!

Video Game Jobs Posted on December 10, 2015

Administration Jobs:

1. Office Assistant (Part Time) – Nintendo (Redwood City, CA)

Art Jobs:

1. Senior Concept Artist – Bioware (Austin, TX)

Business Jobs:

1. PlayStation Now Business Manager – PlayStation (San Mateo, CA)

Digital Jobs:

1. Manager Digital Communications – Electronic Arts (Guildford, UK)
2. Media Associate – Atlus USA (Irvine, CA) *
3. Web Designer – Atlus USA (Irvine, CA) *

Editorial Jobs:

1. Editor (Temp.) – Atlus USA (Irvine, CA) *

Game Design Jobs:

1. Creative Director : Mobile Project – Maxis (Redwood City, CA)

Quality Assurance Jobs:

1. Game Tester/Quality Assurance – Atlus (Irvine, CA) *

Software Development Jobs:

1. Software Engineer – Nintendo (Redmond, WA)
2. Gameplay Engineer : The Sims – Maxis (Redwood City, CA)

Translator Jobs:

1. Translator (Temp.) – Atlus (Irvine, CA) *

* Local Applicant Only

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